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We Are Called Music City For A Multitude Of Reasons. 

 We are a kaleidoscope for every music genre, from the roots of our own National Museum of African Music to the world famous Country Music Hall of Fame, and everything else in-between. And when music is mentioned, never once does a conversation ever imply a message of distorted misinformation. It’s as if all of us are “in tune” with a common message. Music. Truth is, It amazes me to this day, the divisiveness in political preference causing havoc within parties themselves. The convenience to elude the general population by elimination of a total narrative in order to disguise the truth. Imagine what could be accomplished if differences of opinion could be discussed at a conference table in support of Nashville, as opposed to using a flame-thrower to discolor an objective. It’s repulsive to myself and the majority population that politics has evolved to disinformation and disgust by nearly everyone wanting to enter this game of arm-chair warriors. It’s certainly time to get our politics “in tune” . . . like music. 

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