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Support Local Law Enforcement

I’ve had the privilege to personally speak with several Metro Police officers. Our first responders and law enforcement are key to safety and preservation of Nashville tourism and residents. They should all be compensated with a fair and decent wage for the amazing duties they perform each and every day, and often with threat on their own personal safety.

But, do you know what I hear most from them? They want to be supported. That’s their biggest need is a want to believe that our city and administration have their back while they have ours. It’s about building motivation and security within the departments themselves and not allowing politics to reduce their values to protect, for fear of ridicule by government bureaucracy. The safety of our community does not belong in the political arena. We must show our support and appreciation by recognizing their needs and desires are aligned within our community. Meeting their professional commitments is paramount to their mission to serve and protect. 


Historical Development

I’ve come to cherish Nashville’s roots as Music City, the Country Music Capital of the World. However, I see that image in jeopardy of being permanently tarnished by a flurry of mismanagement. For instance, the fastest growing investment market in the country is in jeopardy of diluting our Music City culture and unique downtown architectural atmosphere. I will re-focus city development on those projects that enhance our heritage, protecting the tourism industry, and all while operating within our revenue streams. Along with those budget priorities, we must ensure we give our first responders, and the public school teachers of our future leaders, the necessary resources they so much deserve.

No doubt, our most positive characteristic of Nashville is our charm. Our historic architecture that is brick and mortar, artsy streets and downtown neighborhoods make us what we have been most famously known for around the world.


Transit & Mobility

There has been amazing growth and development in our existing and newer neighborhoods that has created traffic congestion within our city and suburbs. Many have proposed space aged ideas that could not even become reality within decades.


  We need to manage growth, and with that, traffic into and out of the city.  That is something that nearly every candidate approaches in their platform, and rightly so.  However, my position is that we must manage that growth within our budgetary constraints, which means, we cannot and should not, invest billions of borrowed money now to make a pipe dream of transportation solutions.   We can do more with less, if we’re smart about incremental improvements. It’s time for our elected arm-chair-warriors  to remove party affiliation from dialogue and create the best solution for Nashville.


“The way to build an economy and unify within a population is to work, build and create as opposed to indoctrinate a woke society that complains about anything” 

Mattias Desmet

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